Company Introduction

Taiwan Urethane Company (TUC), an affiliate of SHIFENG GROUP, is a professional, fully fledged company in polyurethane material sourcing, importing, and exporting. Established in May, 1975, TUC was the sole agent for DOW Chemical,Mitsui Chemical and SKC Polyurethane Inc (known as MCNS, and Mitsui Chemicals prior), and Momentive Performance Material (known as G.E. Toshiba Silicones before).

Taiwan Urethane Company offers comprehensive polyurethane products, polyols, Isocyanate, additives, and other polyurethane special materials mainly from three major suppliers - Momentive, MCNS, and Dow Chemical. Our product range covers traditional flexible slab stock foam, rigid and semi-rigid foam, coating, adhesives, sealants, elastomers (also known as "C.A.S.E."), leather ,and resins.

Over the past 40 years since its founding, Taiwan Urethane Company has grown with its customers. Along with customers expansion, our operation too, has expanded with our customers to various regions in the world. We cherish our reputation, and will continuously provide excellent services for our customers.

In addition to our operation in polyurethane industry, we continuously develop, analyze, and attempt a variety of business models in other sectors/industries.

Our Value : C.A.R.E.

At Taiwan Urethane Company, We "CARE"! We defined C.A.R.E as our core value believing they are the growing strengths of any businesses. We strive to establish a healthy, positive company "Culture". We ask all our personnel to maintain positive and constructive "Attitude" towards our clients, suppliers, partners, and colleagues as a mean to maintain our "Reputation", which required each and everyone of us to follow our Code of Conduct. Meanwhile, we emphasize the most important asset to our company - our "Employees".

Our Mission

Yes, we are on the mission! Taiwan Urethane Company started as a fully fledged company offering polyurethane products for its Taiwanese customers. For the past decades, we have accumulated experiences and knowledge. For today's ever fast changing environment, we are to start something as to adapt and grow. And now, we have a mission, it is to voyage to various industries and business models, while continuously serve our customers with excellent services.

Our Vision

To become a diversified company with the "CARE" to go on and sustain, with abilities to develop, with passion to operate, and finally, to have the power to grow.