MDI PU Systems

Product Description Benefits Application
HYPERLAST LU 1004 2K 50 shore A molding microcellular foam Cost-effective, process-tolerant backing material Microcellular formliner backing material
HYPERLAST LU 1011 2K 90 shore A molding elastomer 5-minute open time, durable elastomer Tactile pads and misc. casting parts
HYPERLAST LU 1017 2K 45 shore 00 molding gel 6-minute open time, sealing gel Drain seal pad, shock-absorbing gels
HYPERLAST LU 1018 2K 20 shore 00 molding gel Flexibility in formulating, semi-formulated blend for PU liquid gels Healthcare padding and shock-absorbing gels
HYPERLAST LU 1020 2K 50 shore D black spray hybrid Fast-set, thick-film coating for protection Bedliners and general protective coating
HYPERLAST LU 1046 2K 40 shore 000 molding gel Cooling PU gel for comfort applications Comfort gels
HYPERLAST LU 1047 2K PU spray/roll primer for concrete/steel 60- to 80-minute open time, solvent modifiable Primer for concrete and steel